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Front of House


Menu Design: Thoughtful menu design is a must in any service related establishment. It is important to strike a balance between overly cluttered and too simplistic. Type styles, menu item descriptions, and layout all can influence a customer’s choices. Chad’s background in graphic design will not only help you create an attractive menu, but also one that sells your products effectively.

Cocktail Program: Cocktail programs are all the rage at the moment. With the influx of infused liquors, specialty bitters, and beverage industry trends, it can be easy to become overwhelmed. Identifying your target demographic is the most important way to tailor your cocktail program to match your business. Having been involved in corporate restaurants, mom 7 pop shops, dive bars, and fine dining, BaRx possesses the insight to help you make the most of your cocktail menu.

Service Issues: Service issues have many causes. Some issues stem from things as simple as the flow of foot traffic on the floor, or layout of service areas. Other issues may be more complicated such as lack of expectations and/or poor communication. All of these are things that can usually be rectified with fresh eyes. It can be hard to spot problems when they are hiding in plain sight.

Staff Training: One of the biggest issues facing managers and employers in such a fast paced industry is proper staff training. Pride in service shows to customers, and the best path to be proud of the service you provide, is through proper training. Servers and bartenders are the face of your business, they are also your first defense against a number of non-service related issues such as loss prevention and liability. BaRx can work with you to provide general, or specific training for your staff.

Employee Evaluations: One of the most difficult aspects of the restaurant industry is dealing with employees. Many owners hesitate to play the role of “the heavy”, and many employees tend to be on their best behavior when the “owner is around”. It is critically important to a customer-driven busines to identify problems with employees ranging from theft, to attitude. BaRx is willing to perform “secret shopper” style visits, working shift evaluation, and followups.





Social Media: The backbone of any successful event-driven business is a strong social media presence. BarX can get you up and running on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to keep your business “out front” to an increasingly media-hungry public.

Customer Contact: Implementing & maintaining a point of customer contact aside from social media is very important. Creating email signups, answering questions, and knowing your customers is key. Proper training and record keeping can keep your customer base feeling like they matter… because they do!

Music Booking: Music booking can be incredibly difficult. Dealing with the logistics of transportation, contracts, sound reinforcement, lodging, drink allowances, set times, and strong artistic personalities can take a toll. Riders, payment structures, and licensing can further complicate matters. BarX has been down this road before. Chad has booked or handled bands ranging from Col. Bruce Hampton, to Old Crow Medicine Show. We can give you the knowledge you need to fulfill your live entertainment needs with minimum drama.

Printed Materials: Although diminishing in light of online promotion, print materials still play a vital role in promotion. Event lists, band posters, and handbills are still very relevant in promotion. Let us guide you in creation of this media.

Press Promotion: Cultivating and maintaining a positive relationship with your local publications is imperative. BarX has the knowledge you need to reap the benefits from these relationships. 



Back Bar



Optimizing workflow: Better, faster, smoother! Most employees just want to know what expected of them, just as most customers want to know what to expect. Most business owners don’t like surprises. Having a well planned workflow can result in a better, more efficiently running business, with less complaints and a happier staff. Having everyone on the same page can alleviate many problems. A good example would be taking orders clockwise. Once all staff is aware of this, food and beverage delivery is much smoother. BarX can take this simple concept and apply it business-wide, in many different facets, to take the guesswork away from the staff, and let them shine.

Office organization: The office… we have all been there. The office is the refuge, the place of safety, and the collector of things. An organized office is a peaceful office. For some it is a glorified closet, for others it is an expansive room with room for beer reps and employee consultations. It can be a place of chaos, where problems manifest themselves simply by opening the door, or an escape for both owners and managers to take a breather, do paperwork, make phone calls, or work on the books. The office is the only refuge from the public and should be as organized as possible. Allow us to take the weight off and transform your office into a productive, organized, and most importantly, separate space.

Back bar layout and remodels: Efficiency is king behind the bar and on the floor. Can your bartender pour a drink and a draft beer at the same time? Is the entire bar visible from almost every vantage point? Have you strategically place your mirrors in order to monitor the actions of your patrons? Are your bartenders aware of the industry standard order of liquors in the well? If not, you are losing time and money. Regardless of whether you are setting up a new bar or wanting to streamline an existing one, BarX can offer valuable insight in order to protect your staff, your business, and your customers, while providing speed of service and security.

Draft beer layout and troubleshooting: Draft systems are notoriously finicky. Dialing in the draft system can save a business owner thousands of dollars a year. Poor placement, gas pressure, temperature, and pour dynamics can not only lead to literally pouring money down the drain, it can lead to poor service, resulting in long lines, and negative reviews. Having dealt with multi-turn lines, glycol vs. through wall systems, co2 and nitrogen mix systems, BarX can advise and/or help set up a new system, or revamp a current one.

System Implementation


Scheduling: Employee scheduling is the bane of any business, be it hospitality or trucking. Bars and restaurants in particular are generally staffed by students and young people. Time off requests and school requirements can add up and leave a business in the lurch. We can help put systems in place that work with your needs,.

Filing: The sheer amount of paperwork involved in a bar or restaurant can be overwhelming! Not every vendor uses paperless billing or invoicing, and there are numerous written forms to keep track of, along with tax forms, write ups, incident reports, and the like. Having a proper filing system in place will is indispensable when you need documents in a hurry.

Money Handling: Sales are the reason 99% of us are in business. Knowing where your cash is coming from and going is important but knowing how it is coming and going is just as important. Having proper cash handling procedures in place will keep you ahead of any problems that might arise when you you are too busy to give it your full attention. The variety of techniques Chad has been exposed to has helped him understand what works and what doesn’t.

Technology: Technology is becoming more important, not just on the social media and promotional end of your business, but also on the back end. Choosing the wrong Point Of Sale system for example is a mistake many business owners have a hard time recovering from, and that can severely impact your bottom line. Electronic menu boards, are they worth it? Security cameras, pour monitors, back office software; all of these contribute in important ways to efficiency and has an effect on the costs of doing business. Experience in choosing and implementing these tools is invaluable.

Pricing & Margins: Pricing and Margins can be a bit of a mystery for a new or experienced owner. Covering your overhead while offering an attractive price point is a delicate balancing act. Again we are here to help.


Planning & Pre-opening


Let BaRx help you with your bar layout and system implementation. This may be the only time you have a have blank slate. It is important to lay out the back bar, as it will be a foundation for years to come. The bar layout is essential to speed of service, employee morale, and safety. Any of the categories in this list are essential for planning your establishment. Flow of service, employee policy, hiring practices, and organization are all factors that can fall by the wayside while dealing with city planners, zoning, inspectors, and investors. Once the doors open, it is extemely hard to catch back up and make make the changes that are so important to your long term success.


Additional Services

Risk Management: Having had a long career in hospitality. Chad has seen just about everything that can happen in this business. He also holds a certificate of completion of the Legal Investigation course from the University of North Florida, which focused on negligence issues. BarX can examine your premises and practices and make suggestions that can help you avoid common mistakes and mitigate risk.

Live Music design: Chad’s background is not just in live nightclub & bar music, he has also worked at many concert venues with the international stagehands union (IATSE) and independent sound companies. We can help you evaluate your needs & stay within the constraints of your budget while advising you on  sound reinforcement solutions.